Our Mission

VISION: An Alberta Sugar Beet industry that is progressive and sustainable for future generations.

MISSION: ASBG administers regulation while providing leadership to advance the Sugar Beet industry through agreements, relationships, research, and advocacy on behalf of sugar beet growers in Alberta.


  • Industry is available to the next generations
  • Industry is profitable and expanding
  • A long term agreement is implemented with Lantic that includes price discovery
  • A sustainable, responsible, and stable Sugar Beet industry exists
  • ASBG is a professional, accountable, and efficient organization


Board of Directors

Name Title District
Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen President  
Gary Vucurevich Vice President Coaldale
Kelly Van Ham Director Burdett / Bow Island
Dan Lievaart Director Tempest
Louis Claassen Director Vauxhall
Allen Jensen Director Taber East
Danny Ponjavic Director Picture Butte
Ian Harris Director Taber West
Nick Devries Director Enchant
Executive Director: Melody Garner - Skiba
Administrative Assistant: Ali Fedak