Women in Bio-Tech Nomination

Are you a woman involved on the farm?

Do you want to help educate about our industry?

The world of Agriculture is changing at a rapid pace. By 2050, global demand for food is supposed to increase by 60%.  80% of that demand will need to come from increased yield, 10% from crop intensity, and an additional 10% from increase in acres. 

Farmers are being asked to feed more people with less resources, are facing criticism over sustainable farming practices such as the use of GMO’s, the environmental impact of farming, and many other headwinds. 

As an organization, ASBG is working with the American Sugar Beet Associations Bio-Technology Spokeswomen Group to help fight these headwinds, especially in sustainable farming practices such as GMO’s.  To help us tell the story of Southern Alberta Sugar Beet Farmers, we are looking for a woman on the farm to join our Executive Director as part of this women’s bio-technology group.  This group is comprised of wives, grandmas, moms, and woman involved in the sugar beet industry.  Their role is to tell the story of the sugar beet farmer through social media, presentations, and community engagement. 

Do you know a woman that would be great at telling the story of the sugar beet farmer, is connected in the community, and passionate about farming? If so, please fill out the attached nomination form and return to ASBG by email, fax, or in person.  

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