Looking for Producers

Dear Stakeholder:

In the spirit of the current government’s commitment to a more open and transparent way of working, a merit-based selection process for selecting new members for the National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) has been launched. I am writing to you to seek your assistance in promoting the process that will be used to select new members for this Committee.

The NPAC selection process will focus on identifying high-quality candidates who demonstrate Canada’s diversity. NPAC serves as the primary mechanism for producer consultations with respect to the business risk management programs and risk management issues, providing advice and guidance to federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

To ensure that NPAC continues to effectively deliver on its mandate, we are looking for candidates from across the country to fill up to eleven member positions. The candidates we are looking for must have experience owning and/or operating a farming enterprise and must participate in both the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs. Candidates should also have an understanding of the mechanics of the business risk management programs, the capacity of producers to manage risks, and the role innovation plays in advancing the agriculture industry.

I encourage you to inform your members of this opportunity and invite interested candidates to apply for a member position at the following website: NPAC Notice of Opportunity

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Lawrence MacAulay, PC, MP